Meet the Cast

Don’t Stop! is sensational. Great comedic story telling mixed with top musicianship. It’s a hysterical take on the lives of the epic band we know so well.
— Josie McDuffie, Beat Review
Don't Stop! The musical


Don’t Stop! The Musical was born after Taylor Locke improvised a stand up routine as Lindsey Buckingham for a crowd of 1,000 fishermen in Newfoundland. He worked with Ned Brower, Kit Pongetti and the top-notch cast to create Don’t Stop! The Musical. . 


The Cast & Crew

Taylor Locke
Lindsey Buckingham / Story By / Co-Writer

Ned Brower
Mick Fleetwood / Co-Writer / Sets

Jesika Miller
Stevie Nicks

Nic Johns
John McVie / Sound Design

Rebecca Fishman
Christine “Perfect” McVie

Kit Pongetti
Director / Co-Writer / Background Singer

Guy Picot

Jeff Bowser
Keith Olsen / Greg Allman / Stage Hand

Kyle Frederickson
Peter Green / Waddy Watchel / Stubbing The Butler / Stage Tech / Auxiliary Guitar

Sarah Brower
Stage Manager / Background Singer

Dakota Locke
Cher / Design

Louis Stephens
Live Sound Engineer